Spirometry, easier than ever.
Spirohome Clinic
Pulmonary function testing device for clinical use
Digitalize your clinic
Spirohome Clinic is a spirometer spacially designed for clinical use, such as in hospitals, health clinics and for clinical studies.
Prevent cross-contamination
Spirohome Clinic works with standard disposable bacterial filters to prevent cross contamination. Spirometer itself can be easily cleaned after each use.
Intuitive user experience
Spirohome Clinic provides intuitive test experience on tablet while offering fresh user experience for storing and sorting patients info.
Track your patients easily
Desktop app helps physicians to easily track their patients' spirometry and adherence data while enables them to schedule new visits. It also provides secure web based data visualisation for clinical studies.
Hi-accuracy, calibration-free ultrasonic flow
Complies ATS/ERS standards for PEF, FEV1, FVC, FEF25-75
Washable adaptor
Easy to clean adapter to use with bacterial filters
Ergonomic and beautifully crafted form
Disposable filter
Single use bacterial filters to prevent cross contamination
Battery Life
Works with two AAA batteries, 3+ months battery life